Breeding Management

The veterinary team at the Veterinary Village and International Canine Semen Bank - Wisconsin offers complete breeding and reproductive services. Our counseling and assistance begins at the pre-breeding evaluation and extends up to the 8-week check-ups of the puppies. Please explore the information below by clicking on the header of interest to learn more about each step of the breeding process. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our team for advice. We would be happy to help.

Pre-Breeding Evaluation

A dog’s pre-breeding evaluation is a very important part of breeding.

The Village Veterinary and International Canine Semen Bank - WI will take a complete history on your dog to be bred, including information about their breeding history, and discuss pre-breeding health screening. We may also recommend diagnostic testing, including a Brucella test, pre-surgical blood work in the event of a surgical AI, progesterone testing, and vaginal cytology.

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Veterinary Village and International Canine Semen Bank - WI will work closely with you to determine your pet’s specific needs. We will discuss—based on your dog’s history, condition, and type of semen use planned (fresh, fresh chilled, or frozen)—the most suitable type of breeding to proceed with. Choices include natural breeding, vaginal artificial insemination (AI), transcervical insemination (TCI – breeding with an endoscope), or surgical breeding.

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Ultrasound (4 Weeks After Breeding)

At 4 weeks after breeding, we evaluate the dam with ultrasound to confirm pregnancy. If she is not pregnant, we may conduct follow-up testing. When the pregnancy is confirmed, we recommend scheduling a puppy count radiograph so that you can begin planning for the size of the litter.

This is the ideal time to draw and submit a blood sample to determine the recommended time to begin your pups’ vaccine series.

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Pre-Whelping X-Ray for Puppy Count

Up to three days before whelping, the Veterinary Village and International Canine Semen Bank can provide an x-ray to determine the number of pups anticipated in the litter. This will allow you to determine the need for a pre-emptive C-section and to know when the bitch has finished delivering her litter.

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Prior to the C-Section

Before the C-section surgery to deliver the puppies, we will schedule the procedure with you based on the doctor’s recommendation. There will be pre-surgical processes to perform.

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At the C-Section

The C-section will be performed on the scheduled date determined by the doctor, based on the date the bitch ovulated.

In some cases, we plan for a C-section. However, many C-sections are not planned in advance and are done when the need for intervention for the sake of the dam or puppies becomes clear. Veterinary Village and International Canine Semen Bank – WI can help! Our team is highly trained in providing excellent care to the bitch and puppies pre-whelping, during delivery, and with follow-up care. We are available from 7am to 9pm weekdays, and 7am to 6pm Friday through Sunday to assist with your whelping needs.

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At the Dewclaw/Taildock

Dewclaw removal and/or taildock will generally be conducted within the puppies’ first weeks of life. Please call as soon as the pups are born to schedule this appointment.

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8-Week Puppy Visit

During your puppies’ 8-week puppy visit, we examine your pet thoroughly, provide a comprehensive examination and report card, perform deworming, apply a microchip, vaccinate, and more, to ensure that your puppy is healthy and ready to join their new family. Vaccine timing can now be customized based on the dam’s immune status – a simple blood test can be sent to Dr. Ron Schultz to assess the ideal times to start and complete vaccines for the pups.

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