Dr. Marthina L. Greer’s Book

Canine Reproduction and Neonatology, Dr. Marthina L. Greer’s book, was written as a practical resource for veterinarians, breeders, kennel operators, and more. The book analyzes financial and humane aspects of the breeding and maintenance of dogs, focusing on the veterinarian’s’ responsibility in the following areas of breeding care:

  • Managing the problem pregnancy
  • Insemination
  • Collecting, storing, and shipping semen
  • Diseases and vaccination protocols for the bitch and stud dog

This book also provides step-by-step guidelines for other aspects of the dog breeding process, including husbandry and nutrition for the bitch and her puppies, concise descriptions of breeding genetics and implications of that knowledge for long term preservation of the breed line, and recommendations about the relationship that must exist between the veterinarian and breeder clients.

Canine Reproduction and Neonatology is a practical text on canine breeding, illustrated for ease of use. It details all aspects of assisted reproduction and contains 51 thoughtfully developed Appendices for use by staff, clients, veterinarians, and breeders.

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