Dog Breeding near Milwaukee

Are you looking for a new puppy for your family from a dog breeder? Or, maybe you’re interested in dog breeding yourself? If either of these apply to you, visit Veterinary Village and International Canine Semen Bank in the Milwaukee area for dog breeding services. Our facility works with and endorses many local dog breeders in the area. These breeders are committed to producing dogs that are healthy and happy. In addition, they make sure the moms, dads, and puppies have all gone through health screenings so you can take home the best pet possible for your family.

Advantages of Dog Breeding

Using our facility for Milwaukee area dog breeding services brings upon great advantages. In choosing a local breeder endorsed by us for your family’s next pet, you have the following benefits:

  • Being able to work with your dog breeder
  • Meeting your dog breeder in person to see what they are like
  • Seeing where the puppies live
  • Interacting with the sire and dam
  • Choosing the right puppy for your family after seeing the whole litter
  • When you take your puppy home, you will have the breeder’s support
  • Knowing information about your pet’s specific breed, what health concerns they might face, and the characteristics they have
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Breeding Management

Here’s how the dog breeding process goes at the Veterinary Village and International Canine Semen Bank:

Before breeding is even done, we check the mother over for any health problems and get a full history on her. Once she’s received a clean bill of health, breeding will begin. She can either be bred naturally, have vaginal artificial insemination, receive transcervical insemination through an endoscope, or be bred surgically. All of this is based on the history and condition of the mother, as well as the kind of semen you have.

Four weeks after the breeding procedure, we use an ultrasound to find out if the mother is pregnant. If she’s not, follow-up testing is done. Once she does get pregnant, a puppy count radiograph is scheduled, so it can be determined how many puppies will be in the litter. A C-section is done if needed. When the new puppies are a week old, dewclaw removal and/or taildock occurs. At eight weeks, once they have a clean bill of health from us, they can join their new families.

If you’re interested in dog breeding at the Veterinary Village and International Canine Semen Bank, contact us at 920-269-4000.