In House-Pharmacy

Loni has our in-house pharmacy fully stocked with your pet's prescriptions which are competitively priced, and carefully selected by our Doctors for your convenience.

Get a healthy start on your pet's medications today! Call ahead to
920-269-4000 or ask for us to mail your meds. You can request by phone, e mail, text messaging, or Facebook.

E-mail to

Please allow 24 hours for prescription refills to be ready.

Our doctors authorize and review each prescription before dispensing. Shipping is free for prescriptions over $40, and only $4 if less than $40.

Drive-Thru Refills

We offer a drive thru for many convenient reasons:

  1. For healthy pet boosters if the pet has been seen in the last 2 weeks by one of our doctors. One of our CVTs will booster your pet from the comfort of your car. Neither you nor your pet need to get out of the car!
  2. For medication and pet food pick ups. If the weather is bad, you have your child sleeping in the car, the bag is large, or you just don't want to get out of the car - we can help you with that!
  3. For appointments when you bring several dogs, cats or whoever along - it is easier to maneuver from the garage.
  4. For breeding clients - the reproduction room is just one step inside the garage door.
  5. When the weather is too hot to leave the other pets in the car, this is handy.
  6. For litters of puppies coming in for immunizations when the weather is mild, we can do these in the garage so the grass is just steps away!
  7. When your pet is too sick or sore to come inside without assistance - we can bring a gurney to you.

Call 920-269-4000 as you pull into our south driveway and the receptionist will put the garage door up - right from her desk.