Breeder’s Library

Breeder’s Library



Below is a list of resources we have collected that can help you prepare and make your breeding successful.

Before You Breed

AKC Dog Record

Breeding Candidates

Screening for Genetic Disorders

Plans to Breed Your Female

Plans to Breed Your Male

Maximizing Your Bitch’s Fertility



Semen Collection, Freezing, & Shipment


ICSB Client Booklet

Artifical Insemination Using Fresh and Frozen Semen

Utilizing Your Stud’s Frozen Semen

Stud Dog Nutritional Suppliments and Drugs




Breeding and Whelping Schedule

Breeding, Whelping and Puppy Care

Breeding Plan Worksheet

Progesterone Testing at Your Veterinary Clinic

Progesterone Graph

Semen and Breeding Choices

TCI   (TransCervical Insemination)

Planning Your Bitch’s Surgical Breeding

Why Isn’t My Bitch Pregnant

Overcoming the Frustration of Infertility

Ovuplant and Cabergoline

Uterine Biopsies




HT42D Pregnancy Diet from Royal Canine

Pregnancy and Obstetrics

Prenatal Care of the Pregnant Bitch

Panacur During Pregnancy

Important Vaccine Titer Information for Brood Bitches



Whelping & C-Sections

Whelping Supplies

Labor and Delivery and C-Section

Does My Bitch Need a C-Section

Planning Your Bitch’s C-Section

C-Section Supplies for Travel

Surgery at Veterinary Villiage



Neonatal & Puppy Care

APGAR Scores for Newborn Puppies and Kittens

Fresh Frozen Plasma Use for Neonates

Tube Feeding

Normal Neonatal Development

Early Neurological Stimulation

Puppy Care

Weaning and Sale

Puppy Data Sheet

Puppy Vaccination Recommendations



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