The Spay Neuter Controversy - What Age? Which Procedure?

There is currently great controversy in the Animal Care Field regarding the "right" age to spay or neuter a pet and the "right" technique to use. As there is no right answer right now, here are links to important research that can help you decide what is right for your pet:

Click here for the fascinating new presentation by Dr. David Waters TedX presentation, on the last night of his Old Gray Muzzle Tour. Sit down with a big bowl of popcorn and your favorite drink to watch this one - you will be fascinated by his breaking new information - The Oldest Dogs as our Greatest Teachers.

Click here for information on Dr. David Water's Old Gray Muzzle Tour, the tour that investigated the link of lifetime ovary exposure (age of spaying/not spaying) with longevity in the dog.

Click here for Exploring mechanisms of sex differences in longevity: lifetime ovary exposure and exceptional longevity in dogs.

See more information about Dr. David Water's research.

Click here to read the comparable information about humans, in a nurse's study in Great Britain.

Click here for the National Animal Interest Alliance comprehensive article on the benefits and risks of spaying and neutering.

Click here for Neutering Dogs: Effects on Joint Disorders and Cancers in Golden Retrievers.

Click here for information on removing the ovaries only versus removing the ovaries and uterus at a spay.

And read here about Ovary-sparing hysterectomy. The heat cycles remain and there is no protective effect for preventing breast cancer, but as you can read below, there may be longevity benefits to leaving the ovaries and removing the entire uterus including the cervix. This requires a longer incision, but may be a better option. If you are interested in this procedure, please let us know in your phone call or e mail so we can schedule appropriately.

Click here for more information about Ovary-Sparing spay from the Parsemus Foundation.

Click here to read Dr. Nancy Kay of Speaking for Spot's perspective on Ovariectomy versus Ovariohysterectomy.

Click here to read Dr. Margaret Root Kustritz's paper about "Determining the optimal age for gonadectomy of dogs and cats."

Click here to read the Society for Theriogenology's position.

Click here for Dr. Christine Zink's article about behavioral aspects of spaying and neutering - this one will surprise you!

Click here for Dr. Christine Zink's article about early spay and neuter considerations for the canine athlete.

Click here for the Veterinary Perspective by Alice Villalobos, "Is Early Neutering Hurting Pets?"

See this article about Dr. Iris Reichler's research on spaying and neutering - the European perspective.

Click here to read one Golden Retriever Breeder's perspective on spaying and neutering.